Contemporary Portrait/Figurative Gallery
The paintings on this page are available for sale.  You may also commission a portrait in the contemporary style.

   Feelin'  Red  11"x14"

  Chopsticks 14"18  Sold

  A Single Pearl 16"x20"

   Purple Glass 12"x16" Sold

  Medusa Mood 12"x16"  Sold

  Macrame Necklace 12"x16"

  It Was Over by Dessert 12"x16"

  Fair and Freckled 11"x14"

  Bella Dancer 18"x24"

  Yellow Rose 12"x16"

  Do ya' Want to Dance or Fight?"   18"x24"

  Corkscrew Curls with Oriole 14:x11"   Sold 

  Red Gloves 16"x20"  Sold


  In The Red 11"x14"

  Red Headband 11"x14"  Sold

  Red Scarf  11"x14"  Sold

  Swimsuit Memories  16"x12"  Sold

  Francie 12"x16"  Sold

 A Flirt 9"x12"

 How Would I Look As A Redhead?  9"x9"   Sold

  Green Slippers  14"x18"  Sold

  Waiting Their Turn  18"x24"   Sold

  Olive  11"x14"  Sold

  Daydreamer 11"x14"   Sold

  Victoria's Doll  12"x16"  Sold

  Femme Fatale  12"x9"

  Island Princess 12"x9"  Sold

   Toe Shoes  16"x20" Sold

  In The Wings 16'"x12"

  Taking a Bow  12"x16"

  Spotlight and Shadow 16"x12"

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