Portrait Gallery

Paintings in this gallery are commissioned portraits and range from a classic approach to a more contemporary style.  For information on how to commission a portrait, please contact the artist. 

 Laura and Ellie 30"x40"

  Tom and Judy 24"x 32"

  Mentor and Student 40"x50"

  With Hydranga 12"x16"

  With Sunflowers 12"x16"

  With Bluebonnets 12"x16"

  Anna 12"x16"

  Nikki  9"x12"

  Pink Boots  16"x20

  Enchanted  14"x18"

  Sally  36"x48"

  Anita  16"x20"

  Dan 18"x24"

   Ann  14"x18"

  Kerry's Boys 16"x20"

  Eric and Hannah  30"x40"

   England Family  40"x50"

  Lovelies  20"x24"

   Cliff 12"x9"
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